So I am looking at getting the tremonti PRS SE and was wwondering a few things about it.

Is the neck thick like a les paul's or thin like an ibanez?

I know he has a thin neck for his newer model but the SE is kind of old so not sure if its the same.

How is its sound quality? - would replacing the PRS pickups in it with the tremontis make it sound better?

*I already have tremonti pickups in another guitar but am wondering if the PRS stock pick ups are ok or should be changed.*
prs necks are usually pretty fat like a les paul, i've tried an SE custom and i'd imagine it's the same or similar to that.
Yea I figured they are fat, but tremonti always shaved his down and I iknow his newest high end signature has a wide thin typish neck... wasn't sure if his older SE model shared that trait or not.
I have a Tremonti SE and mine has a wide thin neck, and if memory serves me, it's about 4 years old now!

For a point of reference, it's maybe slightly thicker and wider than the neck on my LTD M200FM, but thinner than the neck on my PRS Santana SE (but probably wider).

I hope this helps!

Oh, and I whole-heartedly reccommend, I think it's a fantastic guitar for the price range and it served me very well!

In terms of pickups, I have the stock ones in and they sound fine, not brilliant but ok.....but if you have some proper Tremonti ones that aren't being used then there's no reason you shouldn't put them in, but it's not a neccessity, you can easily get by on the stock ones!

Hope I've been useful........
you have thanks, I was thinking of upgrading my guitar collection a bit more since I usually get 300 dollarish ones hwen I get a new one cause I can get by on it but I want to treat myself to something a little better and a les is kind of a cliche atm.. (nothing wrong with them! but alot of people get them just cause they are the it guitar one in the price range of 500 might need a few adjustments)
Picked up my Tremonti SE today and I would say the neck is ever so slightly thinner than my Epiphone SG, but not much if that helps.....She plays like a dream too