I don't see many posts about resonators here, but I'm sure some people here must own them, so I thought this thread could bring us all together. Even if you don't have one but think they're cool, post away!

I have a Moondog Howlin' resonator, it's not the best but it only cost £200, spun single-cone, biscuit bridge, maple body... I have it tuned to open G and live I use a blend of the mic'd sound and the pickup running into my Fender Champion 600.

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I _LOVE_ resonators, the thing is that I don't have the money to get one, and won't for quite sometime. I am going to buy a normal acoustic first (mine now is a piece of ******** ****** * ****** **) but after that a single cone resonator is my next purchase. I like the wooden ones, the metal dobros just sound too tinny, I like to have a mix.