i am just about to mod a boss SD-1 pedal. it's a simple mod where a couple of clipping diodes are swapped out with a couple of l.e.d.s to soften the clipping/gain a bit and make it more "tube-like" (allegedly). what i need to know is which way round to put the l.e.d.

does the long leg on the l.e.d. go the same way as the striped end of the diode or vice versa?

if this goes to plan i'm going to be making it more in line with tubescreamer TS-808 specs by changing a load of resistor and capacitor values.


Thank you please.
Just line the cathode of the LED up with where the cathode of the old diode was.

As long as the two (assuming symmetrical for now) LEDs are in opposite directions/polarities it will work though.