Downloaded the demo of Revalver mk III from Peavey website and for some reason I cant get it to work properly, it sounds like ****. Im using a Line 6 Tone Port GX as my interface, my Line 6 Gearbox sounds great (i'll rephrase that, it sounds like its supposed to) but the Revalver software sounds bassy, fuzzy, and muffled, and im not sure what the problem is. Ive tried it on 3 different computers and its always the same, so im guessing the problem is with my interface, im not certain but I cant think what else could be causing the problem, could this be the case and if so can anyone recommend me another (cheap) interface to look into?
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It did that with my interface too. I had to mess with the settings on the soundcard or plug in direct without the interface. But I think they make the demo sound like crap anyway because they want you to buy the real thing and not use that. But it shouldn't be that bad.