I don't think you really need an overdrive for GnR tone. The JCM800 should sound fine on it's own...
really your amp should be fine with its overdrive. You only really need an overdrive pedal if your amp is beautiful clean but awful distortion.
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Ah very good point. Charlie__flynn, you've out smarted me


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You don't need an OD pedal to get slash tone. The JCM800 is should do it on its own. However if you really want the OD pedal get the tubescreamer
To be completely honest with you I'd be weary of buying anything with zakk whylde's name on it. I picked up a set of strings by him for free and every note is a pinch harmonic.

He don't need an OD but IMO an OD tightens up and sounds good on any amp. You don't have to use it to boost anymore gain for the guns and roses sound but you can use it to push the tubes and tighten up the sound. Digitech OD pedals are my favorite the bad monkey and the hardwire OD. A lot of these newer tube screamers have taken what ibanez did and really improved it imo. The maxon is nice too.
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Maxon OD808
Fulltone OCD
Digitech Bad Monkey


Fulltone OCD all the way