hi there,

I want a new guitar and amp and I have a budget of 1300$ ( 1650USD). I play mainly classic rock stuff like guns n' roses and, occasionally, some metal ( metallica, trivium) and some blues.

Currently, I have a cube15 and a epi lp-100.

I'm thinking about buying a gibson les paul studio, a vox valvetronix and a pod xt.

Or should I buy a cheaper guitar like a epiphone les paul standard, a tube amp and a pod xt.

Or wait until christmas and buy a gibson les paul standard, a pod xt and play through my cube 15?

What do you guys think?

Thanks in advance.
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Or should I buy a cheaper guitar like a epiphone les paul standard, a tube amp and a pod xt.

i say this...or you could not even get the pod and just get an even better tube amp or not get the pod and upgrade the pickups on the epi
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I don't recommend passive pickups for any kind of blues tone. Ideally, you'd want a passive pickup with a reasonably low level of output.
Epiphone les paul = $500?
Orange Tiny Terror combo = $800
OD pedal = ??

Seems sorted enough.

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amp first, most of the budget (2/3 at least) should go towards teh amp, thats where your tone comes from. then after you get the amp dialed in, then start looking at guitars/pedals. amp is much more important than any guitar. it saddens me to see all these kids on here with Gibson LP studios or American Strats while using a valvetronix, cube, MG, or Spider. a Gibson through a Spider will sound terrible, but a squier bullet strat through a blues jr., egnater, Marshall stack, etc., will sound far far better.
Go for the Epi, push on for a Standard Plus/Plain or a Custom.
Get a new set of pick-ups for them, researching what sound you want ideally.

For the amp, I'd say a Tiny Terror like above or a Valve Junior/Crate V-15 (the new VJ copy?)
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epi lp --> classic 30,
or --> traynor ycv50 blue
or --> orange tiny terror

Depending on where you live (unless it's australia, then you're screwed)

rest on pedals
A few days ago, i saw a combo Engl screamer 50 and it sounded nice. Do you guys think that a screamer 50 and an Epi Standard would be a good choice for that type of music?