Well, first things first, here at uni I've made friends with a pianist and it turns out he mainly plays in a jazzy kind of style. We were thinking of making some sort of vaguely progressive band anyway, but with this knowledge we thought, hey you know what, we could really do something with this kind of rock with a bit of a jazzy flavour to it. (I could possibly describe it as .... 'if Mew utilised more jazzy chords in their music' but then again its early days and I have no idea how things will turn out yet ya know)

This is the first thing thats come out of our sessions. Its hard to convey anything majorly jazz-orientated in guitar pro, so while this may have some interesting chords, its missing a hell of a lot of the improvisation that we may do eventually (it wouldn't be proper jazz otherwise huh )

So, I know some of you will come in here just to say 'using the jazz guitar midi doesn't make you at all jazz', but thats not really the point. As above, its difficult to convey things how I want them through gp when we're talking improvised sections, and this is fusion if anything so it won't be all out or anything I'm sure you understand. In addition to this, we have yet to jam with people who will play the other instruments, so the bass and drum tracks are really only place holders until I get input from those peeps. Eventually I may ask some one to play like... clarinet, sax and such with this little group, as well as female vocals, but first things first, get the basic band lol.

You can probably tell that most of this is painfully incomplete, but you'll be able to get the basic idea from it.

Sooooo, I realise I've kind of rambled on about nothing all that important but I thought a little bit of background to this would help you guys understand what I'm trying to do here, and incidentally, if anyone has an good ideas on how to improve this then I would love to here it (but i'd like the main body of the music to stay in the same kind of area)

c4c, I'll try and get round to "giving and recieving" in this sense soooon. k? ^___^
Firstly thanks for the crit mate!

This is completely different to anything I listen to so I might make stupid comments. I'll give it a go though!

Nice and relaxing I think. I loved the way the pianos and guitars went together. It was all so melodic but still had a somewhat 'jazzy' feel to it if I'm making sense. My favourite part was the pre-chorus personally. I think this is worth finishing, it's really nice. I've run out of things to say because of my lack of knowledge and it being quite short, but nice work!
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Oh wow, no problem, I'm glad you think we're onto a winner with this one.

I only hope that when it comes to it I can write a decent enough vocal melody to stand up to the rest of the music (If you didn't know, melodies are not a skill of mine haha)

Keep the advice coming guys!
thanks for the crit

first off, i was expecting some pretty fancy piano work, but was kinda disappointed

i think you need to throw some lead in there, instead of just chords. keep things interesting you know?

but like you said, its hard to improvise on guitar pro, so maybe it just sounds better in real life

the bass almost did it for me, but everything just seemed kinda blah

maybe with the guitar, you can finger pick some notes after you hit the chords

you could probably fix this with a vocal melody.

ok, im going to stop babbling. this has potential, but just spice it up a little bit!

ive seen (heard) your work, you can do it
On the fancy piano work thing, I figured it doesn't really fit in with the calm style of the song, but I have no doubt that Dan can spice things up in that department the thing is some of the stuff he comes out with is just ... well, put it this way it take me ages to tab lol

I'm hoping the bass player we've just recruited will be able to sort out that bass line/melody ya know, complete with a bunch more improvised bits (of course) after all he is a degree level music student so I hope so.

On a more general note, If I make any decent changes, I'll upload an editted version of this for your ears pleasure guy and girls.
A very calming song. The only comments I can really say is that I wanted more from the stanza of poem part. Is this the part with most improvisation in it?

However, it's pretty good. 7/10
Quote by gary2damax
A very calming song. The only comments I can really say is that I wanted more from the stanza of poem part. Is this the part with most improvisation in it?

However, it's pretty good. 7/10

I see what you mean, and it will be mainly improvised in the guitar, but the reason its only four bars is because the vocals in that part are a four line spoken word thing that leads into the 'post-chorus' and verse 2. Incidentally the first two times through of verse 2 (the 'post chorus' part lol) have calm 'solos' in them from... well whoever feels like it (perhaps piano though)

Cheers for the crit!
If I find anything of yours then I'll be happy to return.
To be honest, I didn't neccessarily like the first verse too much, but it worked for the song.
The pre chorus and chorus were awesome. I loved them.
The 2nd verse was better than the first. I liked the bass riff. It made the verse, in my opinion. It just repeated a bit too much, but I still liked it.
Overall, good job. I really like it.
Very fondling.

Ok. This is good.
It's quite mellow.
The intro sounds very improv-ish.
The atomspheric soundscape reminds of marshmellows (no joke, I can't get the mental image of a vast field of giant marshmellows).
You could say that's good.

I would keep a song like this soley instrumental; it would be difficult to place vocals that would fit this.

It's a little short, so I'm guessing it's an intro, a medley, or just not completed.


Thanks for the crit yo.
The intro build up is nice. I would definantly add a piano lead if i were you. The bass is good in the beggining. I know almost nothing about jazz (though i can play some vince gauraldi piano), but this seems to have a more soft-rock feel incorporated, which could be really good if you added in the poem/lyrics/instrumental leads