I've been playing the acoustic guitar for about a year now, and I've finally decided to get an Electric Guitar. Only problem is, I don't know where to start... My budget is about $300 and it's possible to go a bit over, but I would prefer not to(poor college student). I was hoping to get a decent guitar and a small amp for this price, but I know that might be pushing it.

Anyways, from a little research, I've come up with a few guitars(but no amps). The Ibanez RG120 is the ideal price, but I might be able to push it to a Ibanez RG321 if it's leaps and bounds better. I was also looking at the Agile 2000(or above). No clue where to start with the amp though.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I know my budget is fairly low, but I would like to stretch it as much as possible. I'd also prefer new, but used is always an option. Thanks.
get the RG321

it doesn't have a crappy trem it's made out of better wood and is overall better
plays nice too
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The RG321 may be a bit too much in the end, unless I am able to find a fairly decent amp for cheap. The amp doesn't need to get that loud either, I'll mainly use it at low levels.

Any other suggestions?
Where you at? If you don't mind getting a used guitar I can sell you my Ibanez Rg120 and behringer gmx110 amp with rp50 fx pedals and gig bag and 3 cables. for 280$ and some extras as well. I wont ship though it'll cost too much.
I'm in South West Florida(Naples).

Also, are any of those Guitar/Amp Kits any good? Link

Edit: My budget, in total, is around $300. I could go slightly above, but I'd prefer not to.
Which Agile would you recommend then? Is there a specific one that I should be looking for?
Everything from Rondomusic.com is great in its own right.
I would recommend the AL 2000 series from agile. They are quite popular but are les paul copies so they are a bit heavy.
the Agile Valkyrie are equal in quality to the al 2500 series and i love them. Thats why i have TWO!
the SX SST and STL line from the third page on is also filled with great options.

The Douglas Shadow isn't that great. i wouldn't recommend those so much.

If you buy a SX SST like this...

and one of these amps...

You will have an awesome beginner setup that anyone would envy.

Thanks for the detailed response. Few questions though.

Should I really be spending more on the amp than the actual guitar? Most playing will be done at fairly low levels and I plan on listening through my headphones occasionally as well.

And if I would be better of spending more on the guitar, how does this Douglar WRL 590 look? Or would I be better suited with the Agile AL-2500/Agile Valkyrie III or maybe even the Ibanez RG120?

Again, thanks for the help.
You should look at the starter packages which comes with the amp,guitar,strap,picks ect.
the RG120 is not that great. I didn't like the one i played.

And yes, the Amp makes up 80% of your tone. Many artists spend thousands on amplifiers with cheaper guitars.

that Douglas is a great buy. I was about to pull the trigger on that a few months back but i got my Val floyd because they ran out of the douglas!
If you are willing to setup your own guitar (floyds need a little more lovin' and learnin') it is an excellent choice.

With a decent tube amp, there is rarely a headphone jack. that is nothing a little effects pedal couldn't cover though.

If you are just a bedroom player, then by all means, spend more on the guitar. That douglas would be nice because of the through neck design. It will have more sustain and better overall acoustics while playing unplugged.
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If you are willing to setup your own guitar (floyds need a little more lovin' and learnin') it is an excellent choice.

What exactly would be required to setup and maintain the Douglas?
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Not this.
I'd say go with the agile or the rg321
for amp
either Vox DA5(is that the small practice one? I can't remember)
or the roland microcube.
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figure out which guitar style you want. strat or les paul. after that, i would get a used microcube amp and with the 200 bux left, used rg321 for strat or for lp, then used epiphone or agile that sold for $350 or 400 new..
the xaviere xv-500 is around 200 new and well regarded.
Are thos agile guitars seriously good? Like what would be the max price you would pay for one, cause some of those look absolutely sick.
If your spending that much on a guitar and nothing on an amp then your gonna be in trouble. You would be better off with a Good amp and decent guitar.
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The RG321 is a great guitar, I highly recommend it, and get a rolland cube amp aswell
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Thanks for all the great responses. But, before I go an pick out a guitar and an amp, how would a pre-made kit like THIS work for a beginner?
I think I am going to go with the Roland Micro Cube(or the Vox DA5). Still a bit undecided on the guitar. I'm stuck between a few; the Xavier XV-700($220), Douglas WRL 590($190), Douglas WRL 595($190), or Agile AL-2500. Any more opinions?
just to add.

buy the micro cube $125,
a $20 korg chromatic tuner,
a cable, strap and picks. $15.

as for the guitar, ibanez, washburn, or used. fixed bridge, and humbuckers, if you like heavy rock or similar.

something that's real wood. the Xavs get good reviews. the 2000 series agiles are starters, and yamaha HSS 112J pacifica is a nice guitar.

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Thanks for the reply. The Micro Cube is a definite purchase now, and I alreayd have a Korg Chromatic Tuner. So that leaves the guitar still, and I'm stuck on 3; Agile AL-2500, Xaviere XV-700, or the Ibanez RG321. Any opinions between those(Keep in mind, the Ibanez is stretching the budget quite a bit)?

Also, if I do decide to purchase the Ibanez, anyone know where I can get it in Black?

Edit: BTW, my playing preferences are Progressive Rock/Metal if that makes a huge difference.
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RG120 is a great guitar for the price. The Wizard II neck is amazing.

For amp I'd say Peavy (based on what I've heard) or line 6 (which i own)
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For the practice amp, get the Roland MicroCube. It's far and away the "best of breed" amp for this purpose. And you don't have to get one new. Look around Craigslist. I've seen them on sale for $70 from people who probably got a starter kit as a present but then gave up on guitars.

Don't get the VOX DA5. It's a nice practice amp, but it's 30% larger and it requires C-cell batteries rather than the easier-to-find AA batteries used by the MicroCube.

Once you have your amp, spend whatever is left on a low-end Ibanez, Rondo/SX, or even a Squier.
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Make sure you look used for the guitar. They basically don't break, so as long as you get one in decent condition with working pups and no repaired bits, you'll be in business, and you'll be free to put more money into the amp (which you should buy new, with warranty, because they break all the ****ing time).
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xv700 is good for money and agile 2500 is good i think. i had an agile 3100 and it was sweet, but too heavy for me. the xv will be lighter by a couple lbs. i had the poplar sparkle one, and the tone was not quite right for me, so go with the mahogany.
i would get a used microcube, they are not easy to mess up. you will get more bang for your buck.
the rg321 which i had as well, was pretty solid. has a really thin and wide neck. the lp's have a thicker neck.
agile has a double cut called the ad-2300 and it looks sweet. lighter than the al-2500 and $250