Ive always wanted to get a wah pedal but never got around to it or had the money.
Now with Christmas coming around Im finally going to get one.
Im going to be playing mostly classic rock stuff but I want something very versatile.
I have a budget of 100€ but that can be stretched
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Don't know how much it is in euros.
Try looking at the Morley Bad Horsie however. Both I and II.

Also VOX make great wahs.
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vox wah's have no power, and i find cry-babies to be just that, whiny, and flimsy sounding, i would go with a morley. I personally have a MArk tremonti sig, even though he sucks, it's a great pedal, but the Bad horsie 2 is AMAZING by comparison, and more versatile a wah pedal than any i've heard.
Try a Vox Wah Or a Dunlop Cry Baby wah.
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If I weren't a cheapass who couldn't save $20 more for a wah, I'd have one of those babies instead of my GCB-95.(it's a good pedal, the Vox is just a lot better to my ears)

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Im also in the same situation im thinking of buying a good wah pedal cause i own a zoom g2.1u and the wah it has is low on range and a bit hard to use

I was thinking about the Ibanez Weeping Deamon 7 is that any good, i heared that it breaks easily or somethin
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vox 847A
best VALUE wah pedal

Seriously?Cos I kinda wanna get that.
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I have a VOX V847 Wah pedal that is great. Even with my crappy 10w squier amp it sounds sweet, It was only $100 AUD.
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