I just got EMG 81/85's for my Epi les Paul standard, and I am wondering if I should try to install them myself (and if so does anyone have like an instruction guide?), or should I fork up $50 to have them put in at my local music store? What do you guys think?
well your going to have to switch the pots and the input jack too, it's doable, you'll need a soldering gun of some kind.
Doing it yourself will be more fun, but be careful not to screw up any of the soldering(you'll just have to solder it back but its kind of a pain)
im planing the same thing 'sept on a strat

what i was told when i asked was that it was easy as long as you are patient and careful
i would suggest finding the wiring diagram
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it's easy to do if you know how to solder and read a wiring diagram. oh and never use a solder gun instead use an 30 Watt or higher Soldering Iron.

Use 60-40 Rosin core Solder that is not is paste form it's better to use the one that is on the spools.
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i would take it to shop unless you have previous experience working with wiring. I tried to do mine myself and succeeded but it sounded bad because of the way I connected my pickups to the tone pot. the 50 will be well spent trust me
It's not that hard and there's plenty of help about,

I use a quality Antex soldering iron,

You don't need a very powerful one and at this wattage it cn be used for more delicate work.

If your handy with a tools and what not you should do it your self if you have all the diagrams. But if you're like me and can't do anything involving a hammer or screwdriver or thumb tack, take it to a professional.