i am having trouble when i sit down to write a song.. or even jam for that matter ...the problem is that i keep going back to the same runs and chord progressions and cant seem for the life of me to get away from them.... any suggestions or advice would be appreciated... thanx guys
listen to new music
break your hands so that u can never play the same again
Don't be afraid to take your time. You don't have to write a masterpiece everytime you sit down.

Try to write a lullaby, then a folk song, then an song with a modal bass note and floating melody or double stops, then a hard rock song, then a pop song.

Or make up a chord with no regard for anything but sound. Then try to find something to go with it.

Mix up your rhythms a little.

Try singing a line and matching it on guitar then building from there.

If you find you are stuck on the same riff take the first two notes then leap by a different interval somewhere and then develop the melody further from there usually the next move will be stepwise. You might have to change the timing and accents on notes to get it to sound right. But just use your ear to get it to sound right.

So if your riff starts off like
A -------5~~-------
E -5h6h7-----5-3~~-

you might try something like...
A -----7-5~~---------
E -5h6-------5-3~~-

change a few more notes and the rhythm play around for a bit with the same idea and you might get something that looks like this
A -----7-5~~~~-----7-5~~-7/8~~-----7-5-7-/10-8-7-5-7---
E -5h6---------5h6-------------5h6-------------------6-

Or whatever... there are infinite possibilities I got my guitar and was just fiddling just made that up as I was typing this but you get the idea...

Keep playing around add some other movements from another riff or some chords throw in some light distortion record it and add some harmonized layers or some lead or double stops over it lay down some drums some bass write some wicked screaming vocals and you got yourself a new song.

Another tip - learn different voicings for chords and fingerpick them in different positions to achieve static harmony while giving the illusion of change. Then find a couple of chords to provide some actual harmonic momentum.

The main thing is don't pressure yourself it will only block the creativity. My problem is that I can't stop coming up with new ideas I don't know what to do with them all and get too easily sidetracked down each new avenue. I record them to go back to them later but when I come back there are just more ideas coming out that need to be put down.

I guess I need to focus my energies better rather than letting them run riot. Anyway enough about my problems...

That's all I got right now hope it helps even a little.

Good Luck.
i used to have your problem TS, to stop playing the same runs/patterns etc i did a couple things

1) stop thinking of it in "patterns" and start trying to look at it as "musical notes on a guitar" once i broke out of looking at it as scale patterns and started seeing the chords and the notes and the leading i wanted i started getting more sounds out of my guitar

2) simply stop playing the same things over and over - granted there are only 12 notes in western music theres an infinite possiblity of combinations, make a concerted effort to not play the same things over and over. try to listen to many different kinds of music and incorporate different elements and sounds from all things into your music.

3) this is along the same lines as #1, stop thinking of it as a guitar and think of it as a "musical instrument" try to phrase your lines as if your guitar were something else. if you could play a melody on a violin what would you play? try to emulate that. what about a trumpet? piano? harmonica? theremin?