i ran across a guitar for sale, a korean fender ash-lite strat, that has noiseless pickups, advertised as stacked pickups. from my research ive only found SD stacked pickups.. are there other brands out there? i really like this guitar, looks like my tele, but its strat twin, and its only $300 cause of a cosmetic scratch in the neck, but imma probably abuse it anyways so it matters not to me. has gover locking tuners also, which the tuners seemed to be alot of peoples only complaint, besides pickups from online reviews.

how are the pickups assuming they are the SD's? are they more HB or SC sound? im gonna test it out first, obviously, but its going to be through a different amp and whatnot so im going more for playability, action, fret wear than how it sounds through whatever amp this guy has. im at the final stage of email BS before actually going over there and making my decision, and i forgot to ask him the brand cause i could only find the SD's.


it comes with all the original hardware anyways, and the reviews of it online have assured me its worth more than $300 in the factory form. not an american by any stretch, but better than almost all other strats. its gonna be a drunken-gig-playing guitar through small amps, so a $1200 guitar isnt needed, but this seems like a good alternative.
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I was under the impression that they still sounded like single coils. I could be wrong though.
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is the best image i have now, i'd email him but ive already emailed him twice in a row and dont wana blow his email box up since im tryin to work a trade.
is it basically the fender noiseless or the SD stacked that they could be? if so im not worried.as long as theres no ****-ass brand out there. i mean this is something im clearing up in my next email but i wana know what i could be working with.

the fenders > the SD's?
i play funk, punk, blues, jam type stuff. my 2 tele's, one with MIM PUPs and the other with dimarzio virtual PAFs(196 197 i think) and they can get the tones im after, but i accidentally started collecting guitars, and i want a strat.
dimarzio makes pups that look like that that are noise canceling but i cant tell from the pic
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