so i was gonna get a ux2 for christmas then i decided to actually listen to you guys for once and get something better. so what would you reccoment for the SAME price. it cant be more than it. :/ i know low budget
A used digital multi-track?

That's what I use; i got one onebay for $120. You can find the old models of current multi-track recorders dirt cheap if you search ebay and craigslist, and the good thing about multi-tracks is that you can take 'em anywhere and you don't need a laptop.

But if that's not what you're into then I guess I can't really help you cuz I don't do much computer recording. But Imaybe you should check out the Lexicon Lambda. I've heard good things about it.

see the "Line6 Toneport discussion thread" I made a while back.

I suggest a good interface such as a PreSonus Inspire or EMU 0202 USB and better modeling software such as Amplitube. This will give you the better sound quality but the same function as the Toneport type setup.
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