I have been planning on buying a new amp for a while, and im almost ready to do it. I have been pretty much set on getting the Ashdown MAG c410t-300, but i just realized something about it that kind of makes me think twice. I was under the impression that it was 300 watts, but apparently its only 180 without an extension cabinet. So, my question is, will 180 watts be loud enough? I play some pretty large gigs and everyone in my band plays pretty loud, even at practice.

Thanks in advance for any help=]
Nope get yourself a mag 600 and a 4x10 and 1x15 and youll be set. Thats the one thing i find disappointing about ashdown. They make you buy more.
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It can get louder than any un-miked drummer could ever play.

Any gig large enough to require more volume than it can provide will have a sound system anyway, which is where its DI output comes in handy.

I loves me my MAG.
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For that sort of money you could get a Hartke LH500 and a Neo 1x12 cab - a much better setup IMO.
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The combo by itself will be just fine, really. 180W through a 410 is more than enough to keep up...and if it's not, that's what a PA is for. I would recommend getting the extension at some point, though.
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I am louder than a loud metal drummer and 2 100W guitar amps and they tell me to turn down.
I have a mag 300 head and 410 cab and yes its only around 180W, But if you are miked, just make friends with the soundguy and get him to turn you up if you are struggling for volume.
But im sure it will be enough.
Ohh and if you arnt loud enough after 1 gig just go buy a 1x15 to go with the 410 and it will run the full 300W