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The Grateful Dead ('67)
0 0%
Anthem of the Sun
0 0%
0 0%
Workingman's Dead
2 29%
American Beauty
3 43%
Wake of the Flood
0 0%
From the Mars Hotel
0 0%
Shakedown Street
0 0%
Terrapin Station
0 0%
Other/Live are best
2 29%
Voters: 7.
Simple, choose your favorite.

I apologize in advance if it's been done before, and I only ask because I'm looking for advice on which Dead album to add to my record collection.
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Pfft, Dead studio albums...live is the way to go with this band

And in light of what Kory said about the Dead thread and the fact that we have a Recommendation Thread at the top of the page...


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