The other day, I, as im sure several others of you did, recieved a Guitar Center holiday catalogue. In this catalogue, I saw an awesome deal for a Schecter bass called the "Stileto 4 Extreme." Its only $300, has a nice dark cherry-colored flame maple top over basswood, 24 frets, and active 2-band EQ, active humbucking Soapbar-style pickups, and MOP chevron-style inlays. Looks very nice, so I decide to check it out a little more. Well, MF doesnt have it. Neither does the Guitar Center site. And not even the Schecter site has a description of it. So Im wondering what this seemingly great value, but perhaps unreal bass really is. Im also looking at other options for a sub-$300 bass, and other than a VM or Classic Vibe, Im not really sure what i should look at. Ill use it mainly for worship bands, but will later probably get into rock and punk and metal, and slap n pop and funkier stuff later on. The amp I have available to me is a Hartke A100.
I thought this was made for the European market? Because, you know, we get ripped off with prices and they'll sell us a poorer model for double the price a good one costs in America.

Schecter Stiletto SUB

This looks to be the same aswell. Another boring, low end, over priced Schecter given to us. Yay.