C4C (leave link)

[This is another song written just for fun and still very incomplete (at least in my point of view), with several lines I dislike; I decided to post this just to see what you think]

I shot the fire squad, but let myself off guard,
I knew it from the start, still I raised the white flag.
And now, my call to arms’ nothing but a hanged phone;
I clogged every hose and locked my flaring home.
And now I sleep in ashes, waken up by sparks,
caused by the friction of pieces of my heart on the floor,
that I kept tearing apart, to build my own piece of art,
that I covered with a pane, and so in that way remained.

The fire squad came back with a second attack,
I managed to deflect and flood their lives away.
I’m too stuck on my lair, these walls are my confidants,
because they keep my secrets between cement and brick;
like everything they corroded, every light has exploded,
all I’ve got is this match nearly burning my fingers,
I really hope it lingers, til it spreads epidemically;
I hope it takes enough time for you to come and save me.

All the things I failed to do, finally gone,
and the leisure where I fell
feels somewhere I don’t belong,
because when life is in a torment,
you are the eye of the storm,
and although I don’t believe in fate,
you’re the reason I have born.
And in paintings engulfed;
imaginary landscapes,
where in dreams we lay, and stood
as one, as our bodies would enlace,
still your tears would cry a tide
which would take all we’ve got left;
so I would burn with this house,
and forever stand bereft.
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