I know they're a pretty rare to find these brand of guitars noways but i've heard they're really good and most are around $1000 AUD ($699 USD?) but I haven't really found any reviews on them. I myself have been thinking about picking up a Hex Deluxe, I play mostly thrash/nwob/neoclassical metal but have started to get into blues and the SRV and henrix stuff. Any tips if the hex deluxe can do both?
I've seen them for a lot cheaper around my area, like $400. I've played a couple, not blown away but they played solidly, needed some better pups, but the finish is beautiful on thsoe guitars and I've only heard good things. I think it would suit your playing
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THAAAANK YOU GoodCharloteSux is god
I've got a hex deluxe, it has an official floyd rose, and active EMG 81'85 combo. Shound's killer when played on a high gain amp, excellent for thrash/ metal, also can get cool satriani/ vai tones out of it... it has quite a thick neck, so it's a little more difficult to play fast, compared to wizard or thin jackson necks...
bit more difficult to get bluesier tones, but rolling right back on the volume (has seperate volume for each pickup) will give a cleaner sound.
I'd really just recommend that you try one out, see if you like it, but I don't think you can go wrong
Hope that helps
I;ve also heard many good things about them. I'm goin to SAMASH this weekend to see if they have a limited, premium, or glory.
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