Im looking for a pedal tuner....

right now its pretty much the

ibanez lu20 tuner pedal, the Boss TU2 pedal or the korg pitchblack..

however I would like one that would power my other pedals in a daisy chain.

Can all 3 of these do that?

i don't know about others i use boss....and chain to the rest of boss pedals and wah
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I have a behringer one and surprisingly it actually works! Quite well too..

Made of plastic though..
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whats a daisy chain?

edit: the TU2 I have one and I love it, its also true bypass

er... i believe that the tuner can be used as a power supply. so when you connect the pedals up you get a big daisy chain.

funky eh.

turns out the korg and the boss can power other pedals... but anyone know if the ibanez can?

its cheaper!
kooorrrrgg pitchblack.

bigger display = easier tuning on stage.


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The korg pitchblack is more accurate than the TU-2
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Korg CAN power pedals from what i remember. i have one downstairs. but i use a one spot to power my pedals.

i also have boss pedals, and this Korge tuner kicks boss ass.

i love it.

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I like the Korg much better. But I normally just try and stay away from boss stuff.

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the korg can power pedals from what i remember. and compared to the tu-2 i believe it is more accurate. plus the bigger display is better. id go with korg
Quote by therealtater
whats a daisy chain?

edit: the TU2 I have one and I love it, its also true bypass

Its a lead that comes from a power supply and you plug it into all of your pedals for power