I was at a local music store, and I asked about the Cratve V50 tube amp, he didn't have any in stock, and when he called Crate to ask about getting another shipment they said they weren't shipping any more out. Bad news right? Not quite.

He said they WOULD however ship them some of the Palomino V50's. It's a $700 class AB tube amp, and I'll be getting it for $450 brand new. Is this a good deal?

FYI: http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Palomino-V50-30w-1x12-Combo-Amp?sku=480989
I'd say so, IMO the Palomino series is better than the V series.


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yes its a good deal
idk if it sounds good though
go to another music store and try it out see if you like it
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I'll be getting it for $450 brand new. Is this a good deal?

Have you checked craigslist? Those amps go for $300-350 barely used. (If you are in the US that is). Or the even older VC series which is again better than the Palomino's IMO. What major city are you near?
yeah id look on your craigslist first. you can get some well under 400 in lightly used condition. also id say play it in comparison to a classic 30/50. a few people i know prefer the palomino over the classic, but me and a few other people own the classics over the palominos. play both and deicde. both are great amps and cheap on local craigslist.