So, I seemed to have stumbled across an oportunity to get myself into another band. Currently im the rhytm/vocals for my band, but i found a band looking for a lead guitarist not far from me. They seem interested enough, but is being in two different band really a good idea? Im really good frends with my original band, and i dont know if it will hurt them if i join another band at the side. Also, i dont know how i would devide my practice time betwen the two. But the second band seems to be much more established than us, touring and all. Who knows how long it will take our band to reach that. Also, i realy like soloing, but since our band mostly does covers, i dont really get to do much, since the lead knows most of them from before we started the band, and we only have one original song. I think i would manage to expres myself more in the other band. The only problem is (well, not counting the ones mentioned before) that they play punk/pop punk music, and im really more into some heavy/trash metal, altough i am opened to all sorts of music.

So, any of your past experiences of being in two bands and any advice would be apreciated
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id say this is all up to me, my friend, its a decision ud have to make on your own. But if u think about doing both bands, just lay down whats goin down with your old band and tell the band your lookin in to whats goin on aswell. But when it comes down to it, ud have to make a decision
sounds like you wantt to stay with your mates, and only success is pulling you away

they probs wont like it - talk to them?

if itsd not your genree defo no cos they're established and it will be difficult to turn their style
Most of the musicians i know, myself included, are in multiple bands, my drummer is in about 10. It's perfectly fine to be in both bands, especially if you just want to play some solos. You can tell your friends that you want to join the other band for fun. You can even tell them that you don't really care about the other band because it's punk/pop and that you're more interested in playing with your original band. As far as practice is concerned, that's something that you just gotta coordinate well. Luckily lead guitarists can usually do more independent practice.
juggling multiple bands can be difficult, but jamming with other musicians is what it is all about
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I know a guy who used to juggle not 2, not 3, but 7 bands... he was just that good at bass.
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I'm in 2 bands

One is pop-punk and thats a joke. Everyone sucks except me... Its more just to hang out with them

Then I'm in a band thats hard to describe, its like a mix of funk, punk, and blues. Kinda our own sound. :

Different genres work out