Just put new strings on my Chinese Strat and did a couple of test recordings,





Re-stoned the frets and reset the truss rod and PUPs.Just needs some better Pots which I'll have to buy.

Bridge PUP I fitted is a cheap humbucker single size for Strat like these,


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sounds pretty sweet, and you can really play.

And I didn't know they made Chinese strats. I'm guessing it's a Fender copy.

and i might think about buying that pickup, it sounds pretty good (though the description makes it sound like the first noiseless single coil the world has ever seen).


That's the Beauty of them.They are a double coil Humbucker in a Strat type single coils size so they are very quiet even in the 2nd position as I call it e.g the Bridge/Middle position.
I have modded my Tone Control near the Volume(Strat) so covers all the PUPS and the redundant Tone pot near the socket I've used as a,"Coil-tap" so I can turn down one or off one of the coils in the Humbucking bridge position.You just have to make sure you get the phase right when installing as the wiring diagram was wrong for this guitar e.g I had to reverse the main two wires off the PUP otherwise it cancelled out in the 2nd position.

For the price of them it's well worth a buy-and-try.Glad I did.I paid a lot more for a proper Seymour Duncan version(Little 59er) for a Cheap Tele I have.Yes they are better but not by another £30/$45 IMHO.
As none of the mods above change the cosmetics of the guitar it can easily be turned back to original