This is my first contribution to the S&L boards, even though I've been coming to this site for a few years. Kind of excited to see how it all works

"Dream" is just a working title, if anyone can come up with something better, please let me know. Also, this is kind of a companion to another piece I wrote, which is basically this but more comical. I'll probably post it later.

The only thing that's making it up is my mind
It all comes from one place be it great or unkind
I'm thinking in my sleep, I see it, the dream I don't want it to be
Brainwaves, musty caves, the roar of the sea
And me

Darkened skies, fire and lies, someone looking my way
I felt it all, heard it's call, more real than yesterday
Make it go away

It can't be helped, I want it to be true
But it never is, I'm up, there is no you
Beautiful day, nothing to say, just look with your eyes
Bright blue skies, fireflies, a dream with all highs
And then it dies

My own mind betrays me, barreling towards me like a train
And every time I dream, it fills my mind with pain
I'm going insane