hey everyone, i just bought a Fender MIM Fat strat... I also put a good bit of money into mods. i was just wondering what mods you guys would recommend on top of the ones i already did, i have:

Bridge Pup- Dimarzio Evolution
Neck and Middle Pup- Dimarzio YJM
Callaham full bridge replacement
i rewired it with vintage cloth covered wire
i put a new switchcraft CRL input jack and five way switch
i replaced all of the pots: 2 250k CTS pots for tone and 1 500k CTS pot for volume
Fender/schaller locking tuners
and a graphtech nut....

is there anything else you guys can think of to help the tone?
I have those bridge and tuners and nut. Great idea

Get a new cap. A paper in oil cap would be best; the vitamin q ones are nice.

And some strap locks.
what is a MIM strat? thanks
Just call me Julius, J, etc.
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