Hey. Im in a small start up band who cannot afford to buy a set of drum mics. We recently had an amazing offer and need to produce a demo tape in the next week. What would be the most effective way to record our drummers track using only one or two microphones if needed. We cannot afford to put anymore money into the band at this point. Which would be the best location for the mic? Were just looking to get good enough quality and hope we can tweak it enough to get a decent set of recordings with nothing special.
2 over head mics will do, or if 1 mic is specificly made for kick drums, then put one there.
Just experiment with whatever picks up the best sound of drums.
Wrong forum, try R&R. But if you were desperate, speakers plugged into mic inputs work. Simple transducers. Some producers actually used woofers on the kick for a deep sound.
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