I wonder if anyone can help. I have a rickenbacker, exactly the same as Paul Weller used in the Jam. I was kinda disappointed when i got it though, as i always associated it with that amazing high-pitched, bright tone that the Jam were known for, and it sounded nothing like it at all.

If you listen to the guitar right from the beginning of this song you'll know exactly what i mean:


It's that classic 70s punkish sort of sound that you'd get with bands like the Clash, too. A guy in Dawsons sold me a graphic equalizer pedal which was absolutely useless, and another guy from Dolphin music has recommended me a vintage fender amp which costs over a grand, so i thought i'd give asking here ago before i drop any more cash.

I have a mid size marshall amp and a smallish vox valvetronix, but i dont think either of them can get the sound i'm after. I'm guessing i need either a pedal or a new amp.

Any suggestions?
yes, the type of guitar you have really means nothing when compared to your amp. If you're not using pedals, about 95% of your tone will be from the amp alone. That vintage Fender sounds like a good choice if you're going to be playing some of the Jam, although you may want something with a little more gain, because at low volumes, a Fender Tube amp is going to be as clean as a whistle (i don't even know what that means). But, when you crank it up, it should have that awsome crunch and twang that bands like the Jam and The Clash are known for.

Anyhow, you may just need to fiddle with your current amp's settings a little bit. A marshall is never going to sound like an old British punk band, but a Vox will definitely get you there. The only problem is that the valvetronix doesn't really sound like a Vox, but the good thing is that you have tons of different sounds to choose from, so you should be able to find something. Try boosting your mids/treble
Thanks for the reply. My only problem is finding the right amp, really. Can anyone recommend one? I dont want to drop thousands on a vintage amp which will only break down if i use it.
Laney VC30 should be spot on for you.
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