I wasn't sure where this goes so I put it here, after searching (I think Talia had a similar thread). I was almost going to post this in Bug Reports, but it's not really a website issue.

I've submitted a review of a CD that hasn't been accepted or declined yet. It's been a week, I think but it usually doesn't take this long. I know this from experience of writing reviews before (usually next update). The site has already had its updates so I'm not sure if one the mods had forgotten about it.

Thanks for the help.
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It might happen because of:

1) This CD is not released yet
2) We're waiting for proffessional review first
3) Too much reviews pending
4) I can't find info about the subject of review
5) smth else

PM me with title and category of your review, please. I'll check it and tell you the exact reason.
Same thing happened to me with a review. I've had a few others approved that I wrote after this one....it just seems hung up.
a week?!?! I 've had an album review not accepted nor denied for about 2 months now
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Yeah, I have the same thing. I sent in a review on the DVD Church of Tiamat at the start of January and it has remained on waiting ever since.

Though I do hate to complain at I'm sure there are hundreds of contributions submitted daily, and I am sure that the mods are doing their best.
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