hey guys wrote this song durin a 4 hour car ride while my dad was speedin down the highway. its about how ppl dont take the time to slow down and enjoy life. enjoy


Verse 1

Were drivin' by
And I don;t know why
Everyones in a rush
Should know as much
To stop for a second
But as the road beckoned
A thought came to mind
To stay back behind
But that wouldn't last long
I knew it was wrong
I gotta keep


Ridin' On
And on
And on

Verse 2

Inside I'm burning
As the wheels keep turning
The sights I'm seeing
But the thoughts keep fleeing
Can't take it all in
Don't realize where I've been
From all the risks I'm taking
My dreamin' heart is breaking
I wanna take off today
But I know what they'll say
We gotta keep (to chorus)


Been goin' all night
Gonna take all my might
To stop right now
I may not know how
But I'm done (go to chorus; repeat chorus few times)

thx and check out some of my other songs if u liked this one
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Quote by BeerChurch
The road unwinds towards me
What was there is gone
The road unwinds before me
And I go riding on

whats that from? sounds familiar
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poor rhyming structure and uninteresting word choices coupled with lame slang and cliche phrases equals FAIL.

try again.