Alright, so I was playing with a friend/possible future drummer for my band if I ever get it together, and halfway through a cover of Highway Star my low E snapped. A little closer to the end, the A snapped too. I managed to get by via omitting the final verse for a bit more improv tacked on as an "extended solo", but it got me thinking, what would most people do when their guitar breaks a string midsong? So I figured I'd post here.

So, if your playing a song, midsong the string your playing snaps, and your the bands only guitarist, what do you do?

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If you're BB king you change it while you're playing. Best advice is to keep a spare guitar standing by for emergencies.
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keep on playing the song on a different string with the same notes an octave higher or lower or have an backup guitar and let your guitar man change strings for you.
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Pros just have their tech hand them another one.

I would finish the song as best I could and then follow up with an emergency string replacement if I was at a gig. If it was just practice I would call it a day and go home and change the whole set.
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this happend to me at my 6th grade talent show, i was during the last bit of my song then G went the D went and I had to do insane improvising to finish with, just improvise anything, and practice doing that until ur awesome at it with every string
The first and last time I broke a string was when I first started playing guitar.... I don't see how people manage the break strings so easily.
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If by "clean" you mean "get a finger right up in there and do a good bit of spelunking" then i guess "at any given opportunity" is my answer.

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the last time i broke a string was during a show. i broke the g in the middle of my solo. then the high e broke. i finished the solo fine without them
It really depends. If I'm playing a guitar with any kind of trem bar on it and I break a string, I've really got no choice but to change guitars midsong.

On any other guitar it's generally no big deal, I know where my notes are, so if I break my E string, I'll just play E an octave higher on the A string. Breaking an A string in a song is a real pain in the ass though, usually if that happens I'll start playing chord vamps octave riffs and fills and pray the bass player is on his game and fills in for any lack of chug from my end.

Breaking any of the high strings is no big deal, none of them are ever really vital to a song, and again it's easy enough to play the same notes on lower strings.