Alright, the name says it all, I am saving up for a New guitar. My Budget is anout 600$

I play a little Mettalica, some Guns n roses, but mostly just hardcore Metal Riffs


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dude get a xiphos... seroiusly.
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LTD mh-250, it's almost a professional guitar, it's cheap, has a floyd rose bridge, and 2 powerfull EMG's, great metal guitar...
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LTD mh-250, it's almost a professional guitar, it's cheap, has a floyd rose bridge, and 2 powerfull EMG's, great metal guitar...

250 isnt professional at all

its not even EMG pickups and the FR isnt even original

If you dont want a FR get some LTD 400 or 1000. If you want an FR get a M-II or the Horizon.

Or you can go with Jackson or Dean if you like Dean's shapes.
I would say and ESP or a schecter... Great Metal guitars
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You really need to be getting a better amp before worrying about another guitar, although with $600 you could get both.

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1. Save up more money
2. Buy Dean Razorback
3. ???

Or Replace variable in 2 with LTD/ESP Horizon deluxe (It's a beauty)

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Jacksons and Ibanez's probably will suit you.
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Ibanez are my preference for metal though esp's are also good
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+1 for the Viper 400, ive played 2 and they both contained high ammounts of awesome.

Or a Schecter Hellraiser, if you like their necks. Gotta try 'em out.

Saying "ibanez and Jackson" isn't really going to help much. No ****, we kno they make good guitars.

An awesome 600 guitar is the ESP M-400. If you don't want the trem, look at the mh-400nt