All comments and crit welcome. This was born with Opeth in mind, but with many other influences adding to it.

*UPDATED* different ending, and no harmonisation of the verse 2 riff until after the solo now - I feel it sounds better that way. Markers added to make it easier to navigate.
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ich hab das gefühl, du kommst aus deutschland.. ^^

nice intro, but it's too long imo, though it's creating a gloomy atmosphere.
the main verse is cool. nothing too special, but solid and kinda groovy. reminds me a bit of exhorder, dont ask me why.
i love the verse 2. <3
you've done a great job mixing black/death metal there.
the solo's just amazing. ahh, sorry if i sound like ass-kissing, but it's your fault.
i cant find anything wrong, the drums fit well, the bass is ok, the guitars do build up great atmosphere.
and then back to the intro.
the second solo.. as i listened to it, i thought you'd repeat it with distorted guitars.
would be cool, you know.
and the intro again, but it doesnt sound repititious. good thing.
but the last 2 bars do sound cheesy, you may change them.

all in all, great song!
i listened to it sometimes to crit it and i didnt get bored!
keep up the work.

crit 4 crit?
choose one in my sig. (;
Love the 2nd verse, great job coming up w/ that one.

The solo sounded really tight, especially when it was harmonized in parts.

The bridge is probably my fav riff in this song, don't know why, it just sounds really sweet.

The only thing IMO that needs a bit of tinkering is the 2nd solo and the intro (it feels forced/too long as the above poster said). Other than that, good song overall. And the drums, I was expecting more blast beats and death metal style drumming, but they don't need changing really they sound good on their own.


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