Ok, so i've got a standard gibson sg, (my baby) and im playing throught a marshall mg 250 dfx and im getting sick of the amp, i need something new. I played my buddy's gnx 3 through the amp and i loved it, even though it seemed to take some of the natural tone away from my guitar... i have also tried a few all-tube amps and i loved the sound but a good tube amp might be abit to expensive. . any suggestions?
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The Crate V-18 212 is about $ 200.00, and is very nice, but I don't know what you play music wise and also where you play (bedroom? garage? )

The 18 is fine for a bedroom. Maybe not loud enough to gig with over a drum set.
I need something that i can gig with a full band ( me on guitar plus another guitar, bass, drums....
I play most riffy rock songs that i can jam over, like acdc, zeppelin, hendrix, metallica, deep purple stuff like that... i also dig old blues stuff like muddy water and bb king