To add to my music playlist. Recently I really got into a greater variaty of Metal/Mathcore, so please go ahead and post your favorites.

To get a closer view at the sound I liked, I was mostly intrugued by song like "Composure" & "The Blinding Light" by August burns Red, and for another example "Anchor" by Misery Signals is a great example too.

(Ps: Yes i've checked out KsE, I loved "My Curse" but the rest just wasn't appealing. Same for A7X & BFMV)

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Check out Opeth, they have badass song names, like 'The Grand Conjuration'

For KSE, listen to Break the Silence and Rose of Sharyn, those are two of their other songs that are somewhat listenable the first time (like My Curse)

Also listen to Unearth, Protest the Hero, and As Blood Runs Black
litsen to Sorceress by Cancer Bats
just amazing
so many pinch harmonics
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^ Prefer Lucifer's Rocking Chair and Let it Pour personally

Oh and this'll get closed, reccommendations thread.
k man im into the same stuff as you...
well august burns red you can pretty much listen to ANYTHING of their new album... the elventh hour, back burner.. etc..

umm by 3 fav bands are august burns red( listen to the ones i told u about), the devil wears prada ((fav band) listen to , hey john whats your name again, HTML rulex d00d, and dogs can grows breads all over)
and bring me the horizon ( listen to all of the song off of their new album suicide season)
There's a recommendation thread for a reason. Please use it.

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