Hi everyone,

With Christmas coming up, I might be able to get some new gear soon. Mainly what I'm interested in are amps and effects. I currently have no effects and a Spider Line 6 12 watt amp. This was just what they set me up with when I started. I really don't like my current amp, because the distortion on it sucks and it doesn't have the tone I'm looking for. I tend to go for classic rock kind of sounds. Bands I like include Radiohead, Pink Floyd, RHCP, the Beatles, etc, so I'm hoping to get sounds like that. I currently use a Fender Mexican Strat.

I don't know very much about amps and nothing about pedals, so I was hoping you smart people could give me some recommendations that would suit the styles I like. Thanks!
read the amp thread...it´ll help you decide on a lot fo things, then give the nice people here your sound and what you want, budget?, tube or SS? and they'll sort you out

i went for the laney vc30 but i havent got it yet...or even have the money
A general budget, and if you're in/plan to be in a band would be good.

for around $200-300 and no band:
blackheart little giant
fender super champ xd
epiphone valve junior
crate v5 or v18
vox ad30vt
fender vibro champ xd
used blues junior

If you're in a band around that price range:
crate v33
vox ad50vt
used peavey classic 30

around 500 dollars (all would work with a band):
classic 30,
crate palomino
peavey delta blues (used)
hot rod or blues deluxe (used + some kind of overdrive/distortion pedal)
well, are you gigging or just practice? whats your budget? I would say for those, i would recommend a peavey classic 30, but that maybe to loud for your situation.

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My budget probably isn't very high. Maybe $300-$400, but not set in stone. As for SS vs. tube, I'm pretty open to suggestions as long as it sounds good.

I probably won't be gigging anytime soon, but I do play with a bassist informally. I also live in an apartment, so it can't be too loud.
i second the blackheart, and maybe an OD pedal

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Blackheart BH5 would be a good choice

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I see tons of amps on craigslist in TX all the time. But TX is big, so if you want some help searching for used amps give us your closest major city and we can def help you find something. You can often get more amp for your money that way. Otherwise, I second most of the amps listed so far.
I live in Austin, so I'm actually very lucky when it comes to craigslist. I would prefer to buy used so I can get more for my money.