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Quote by curlyhead_P
hmm, pretty good. The "hoo wahhs" didn't really fit the song, in my opinion, but the rest of the song was pretty cool (and I liked the cute little video too). Whoever's the lead singer is really really good. I mean, you could probably get places with that voice. All in all, it was a good song, and the recording quality is actually a lot better than most things on the UG forums.


Thanks man. We recorded in the Lead Guitarist's home studio : House By The Lake Studios. And the singer appreciates your comments.
Pretty damn cool. Reminds me of Flight of the Concords or something but with a pop/punk type vocal style (don't ask me where I get that but it just came to mind). Nice job.
Cool. I really liked the music. It is a Catchy tune. Is there a place I can download the song? If so, hook me up. The singer is really good too. Also, the mixing is very awesome compared to everything else on this site. Did you record in a professional studio? If not you are really good at mixing and audio engineering. Awesome guys

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The "hoo ahh" or whatever hurts to listen to. I think the song would be very much better without it. Other than that, sounds good, good singing, simple structure mostly focused on the vocals, but that's what gets radio play, and it definitely sounds like something that would be on the radio to me...
Thanks for critiquing mine.

The vocals were good for the style and I like the acoustic/punk feel. Like others said, the
Hoo-Aahs were crazy annoying. The middle loses the power and feel of the first verse and chorus though, the "Hello giiiirl, who had the lemonade stand" specifically. The instrumental section after that is nice. You might want to find a pitch shifter VST, just to cover the little problems in pitch - the vocals mess up in little parts.

Pretty cool, I think if you could manage to tighten everything up, the song structure and vocal melodies, it would be great.
pretty good man..
like everyone said the hoo ahh was painful..
buh it'd be pretty good if you add some vocal effects, well try it..
good guitar playing..
and the video is pretty good too
good job..
I think everyone here has summed it up nicely. A good acoustic pop/punk song.
    The harmonies are downright appalling, particularly on the 'ooh-ahh' as mentioned. In fact I don't like the vocals generally - although that's more the style itself, they're actually pretty decent within the scope of the genre. The playing is fine too, and the hard-panned guitars fit into the mix neatly.

    To sum up, then: personally, I hated it. But believe me, there's a lot of people I know (my missus, for one!) who'd probably really enjoy it...
    Well first off, this isnt really my type of music but here we go. As most have said, the hoo ahs are pretty annoying. To me the vocals in general were almost unbearable, but the recording quality was really good. Pulled off quite well for what it is.
    wont go there on the hoo ahs, def an original idea to base the song around haha. I like the acoustic was a cool with the style of song/lyrics. Some nice lil soloy parts in there that fit well. Where'd you come up with this idea, haha, drivin around seen a lemonade stand and used it for songwriting inspiration or what, ahhaha. Overall good tune man.