Do you think about the notes you're playing as you improvise or whatever or do you just memorize patterns? I know the notes on the fretboard pretty much everywhere now but to think of what note I'm playing as I go strains my brain lol. What do you guys do?
I rarely improv but when I do it is usually using what knowledge I have with scales. How quickly can you remember the notes on the neck? You can probably still improve that skill along with your sclae knowledge to the point where you can visualise the scales and easily pick notes and move licks around.

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dont think, just feel it and go for it or it wont sound good

Yeah, that's the point of practice. So you don't have to think about it. You just find your root notes and go for what you feel. We improv in our band all the time to warm up, if I had to think about each note before I hit it, we'd never get anywhere

Improvise on you own often, you'll start to get an idea of what phrasings sound good to you and you might even come up with riffs that allow other members of the band to improvise too. That's some of the most fun, noodling a bit, then laying down a rhythm so the other guitarist or bassist can noodle around also. We've come up with some pretty wild stuff that way
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