OK, so this is probably not going to be able to happen, but hopefully someone might have done this and they will become my instant favourite person.
The base model Rhoads has some features which I really want that aren't available in some of the higher end rhoads guitars, but it also lacks some (read : descent pickups)
I don't like the floyd rose, I'm all about the hard tail (just doesnt suit my playing) and most higher end rhoads' have 22 frets (base model has 24!!)
Basically, the scribble above is purely academic, my issue is with the place ment of the(and excuse my overly technical naming) hole that the guitar cable gets rammed up(which I will now refer to as "Exhibit A").
I can't rest the guitar comfortably on my right leg whilst sitting down and playing as the "Exhibit A" is on the lower v and thus digs the cable into my leg. If it were on the upper V (like the RR3 or even the ESP alexi)it would be sex muffins.
Is it possible to re route the electrics?
Has anyone done this before?
Will this adversly affect the guitar?
Does this thread make my ass look big?

Please help!!!
i jus use a 90 degree cable...problem solved

My pedalboard is worth more than my car, but that doesn't say much for either.
yeah, a 90 cable would be ideal in this situation.

but your ass doesn't come close to the size of your nose
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1. Cheers
2. Sweet
3. Awesome
4. What exactly does my nose have to do with any of this?
Funnily enough my nose is quite messed up from years of football.
But way to give me a complex!

90 degree cable option will be investigated!!!
What amp do you have? This is at the pickup change out that it seems you want.
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Crappy little 15 watter at the moment which is why the pickup upgrade isn't really that big of a deal. Just something to make the strat a little louder.
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