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Lmao @ Lan.

I don't think Shia fits that well either. Maybe for the first 3 or 4 books, but after that...

I'm hoping Shia's just a rumour. He's still too baby-faced and his style of acting and talking don't suit my image of Rand at all.

I think they need somebody cold to play Rand. Someone who can do the whole brooding, tormented hero thing.

And Lan looks great. Just like the front cover of Eye of the World.
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Thom and Mat deserve all the cool points though.

Yes to Matt. No to Thom. He had, like, an affair with Elayne or something.

She's his granddaughter, ffs!
Wasn't Thom Morgase's lover? So wouldn't that make it kind of a father-daughter relationship?...

But yeah, it was kinda awkward sometimes. Reminds me of Sansa+Littlefinger from ASOIAF >.>

Did anybody else find the "I'm no good with women, the other two heroes are," comments funny? I thought it was awesome I love RJ's humor in these books. (even if a lot of it is sexist )

I remember this one quote I lol'd so hard at... I don't remember it exactly, but it was describing an Aiel's face.

"His face was so hard you could have used it as an anvil; and by the looks of it, it seemed as if somebody had."
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Guys, there's the entire collection for sale on ebay, with 10 or so signed by Robert Jordan Hardcover and some First Editions. 40 bucks right now, seller's in Canada, 1 day left. Thought I'd share in case anyone's interested.
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Usually, when I start reading a series, and I get attached to the characters, I HAVE to read the rest. Even if they get uninteresting. Book 10 is still slightly interesting, but yeah... Not much happening.

I don't know if I said the same thing with Eragon, because I don't really care much for finishing those.
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Funny how book 10 suddenly gets more exciting as soon there's a Rand chapter.

lies! wingey little bitch...although Perrin's utter failure to rescue Faile is pissing me off

Mat still my fav. character, although with all the prophecy and stuff surrounding him he really should have gone to Seanchen. Would have made really good story arc
Rand is awesome.

Shut up.


He's still as insane as ever Book 11 was amazing. Light, that battle against the Trollocs was epic... So was the meeting with the Seanchan. Holy ****...

Abunai, I think Rand's rescuer was Moridin. In fact, I'm sure of it. Moridin has dark hair and blue eyes, right?...

Did anyone else notice that at one point, when Rand was disguised, he looked almost exactly like Moridin? It might have been at Far Madding.

And apparently there's also a game being made, along with the movies... If the movies end up like Lord of the Rings, then I guess it won't be so bad. But some comments on a page describing plans for the game:

"In keeping with Robert Jordan's vision for the series, there will be eight hundred games, each sold for sixty dollars and each featuring the same hour of gameplay repeated four hundred times."

"Perhaps there can be DLC to accommodate each fixation that Jordan displayed.

--Expansion! Now with over 25,000 kinds of lace!
--DLC! Featuring new braid-tugging animations
--New Content! Adds "Spanking" gameplay upgrade"


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Almost done reading the entire series again, working on crossroads of twilight. Should have been done, but I just built a fuzz and it took up most of my time this weekend. Also, yeah, book 10 slows down a lot, especially because I know nothing really happens.

Spring break this weekend, so I need to finish it so I can read knife of dreams when I get home

KoD is probably one of the best in the entire series^

And holy ****, I can't get over how badass Rand is. In Lord of Chaos, while he was a prisoner, he killed a Warder with his BARE HANDS.

I rereading the series now. Oh, so innocent these boys are.

Also, LOL:
The Gathering Storm was a win.
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Anyone else read the new one?

I know it was written by a different author, but I loved it. The writing style was back to the first 3 - 4 books and it was exciting to read. By far my favourite of them all.

What do you think?
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Anyone else read the new one?

I know it was written by a different author, but I loved it. The writing style was back to the first 3 - 4 books and it was exciting to read. By far my favourite of them all.

What do you think?

Not there yet xD Just started reading the series. Currently on the third book.
I thought the gathering storm was pretty good, I picked it up the first day it came out. Waiting for the next one to come out
The Gathering Storm was very, very good. I noticed the difference in writing style pretty easily, and I think I prefer RJ's - But once you're finished reading it, it doesn't matter. The scenes in your head can be manipulated however you like. (I mean, once you're finished reading, the writing style doesn't really matter - The scenes in your head, when you recall them, are still great.) But, imagine some of those scenes if RJ had written them - They would have been the most epic shit in the universe.

But yes, pretty good.

Also, just stumbled upon this:

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Anyone else read the new one?

I know it was written by a different author, but I loved it. The writing style was back to the first 3 - 4 books and it was exciting to read. By far my favourite of them all.

What do you think?

I have yet to pick it up. I haven't read any of the books in a while though, so i plan on finding all of them and reading them again. And i had no doubt that Brandon Sanderson would be able to continue the story. Nice to see that the man has indeed delivered.

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Also, just stumbled upon this:


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New book was pretty awesome. Just... has a whole lot of Perrin, in a less annoying form than he was in the last ones.
Perrin's never been annoying. About 130 pages in, read the first 100 pages quickly awhile after realise now finding time for the occasional chapter. I have a friend who must read at least one book a week in her leisure time and I don't know how. Bloody fresher, that's probably why
I still haven't found my books, so i haven't gotten around to reading any of the new ones. Think i'll just go buy them all again. Should only take me about 4 months to catch up.
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So instead of going out and buying all of the physical copies, i just downloaded them all on my tablet. I'll probably end up buying the physical books one day, just to have them.

I started Eye of the World a few days ago. About half way through. It's so refreshing reading them again. I had forgotten the amount of joy and escape i got out of these books. The amount of detail and imagery Jordan puts into his books is truly amazing.
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How is his writing style? Big difference from Jordan? I haven't read any of the books he's finished yet.
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Just read the latest book, and oh my God I so much prefer Brandon to Robert. He's finally wrapping shit up and I was engrossed in the book so much.

You do know that Brandon is writing this very strictly to the notes Jordan prepared, right? All this stuff was very likely going to happen anyway.

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How is his writing style? Big difference from Jordan? I haven't read any of the books he's finished yet.

Felt that summed up the change in writing style pretty well.
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Thanks for the advice. I'm going to put it, along with your other advice, into a book, the pages of which I will then use to wipe my ass.
Me: "Alright! That was an awesome chapter!"

*flips page*

Egwene chapter for 20 pages.


Robert Jordan is a great writer, but he sure knows how to kill the mood sometimes.

Who's got it and please tell me what it's like because I can't afford it yet
I can't afford it either, but I am waiting for it to come into the Library.

Quote by angusfan16
How is his writing style? Big difference from Jordan? I haven't read any of the books he's finished yet.

His style is somewhat different, but he's following Jordan's note closely.

If you really want a feel for Sanderson's writing style, read the original "Mistborn" series (3 book series) or "Elantris" or "The Way of Kings". The last one is planned to be continued as a 10-book series.
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New book is incredible. I've only been waiting for it for like 10 years though. It's so nice to finally wrap this series up. Sanderson does a great job pulling everything together and keeping it exciting. I finished the book in 3 days, felt like I was 12 again staying up till 3-4 in the morning reading it, just couldn't put it down.
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Doesn't Kentucky have a library system?

Libraries are your best resource, man. Use them.

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I know what you mean. The second time through the series i just looked up chapter notes for some characters (I like all of the characters, but 100+ pages of Nynaeve = NOPE)

I actually think Nynaeve and Egwene are well done characters, although both sure can be busybodies. Aes Sedai in general seem to be busy-bodies.
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Doesn't Kentucky have a library system?

Libraries are your best resource, man. Use them.

wots a libary.

But yeah, i should check around for sure. I want to own the book, but i guess i can just read it for now and then buy it later
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I just bought A Memory of Light a couple of days ago. Let's finish this shit.

EDIT: I meant Towers of Midnight. I've still got two books to go
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I finished the last one a couple of weeks ago. Read the entire series twice.

I also just finished Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series. There are so many similarities to both series that its borderline plagiarism. If Tor didn't publish both series, which they did, i'd be very suspicious. And I believe most Goodkind's books predate Jordan's. But besides that, I told all of the peeps I know that have read RJ, that they might enjoy Goodkind just as much. Those that took my advice, even one or two that don't usually enjoy fantasy, loved and are ripping through them like no tomorrow.

The only difference is less secondary characters; with more emphasis on just the main characters.
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Spoilers for books 9 - 11

So, after 6 or 7 maybe even 8 years, I have finally made it past Crossroads of twilight and Knife of Dreams. It took me three tries, rereading the whole series from the beginning over the course of however many years and I finally made it through them. It's funny how I viewed some of these books when I was younger, always wondering why I could make it to book 9 and almost through 10, but never making it past them. And then after I put those two down and started The Gathering Storm I realized why I never made it.

Those books were fucking shit.

That's probably a little harsh, but for me, after Lord of Chaos things just started getting slower and boring and just...useless. Egwene and the Salidar aes sadai turned into nothing but nonsense politics, Rand was becoming more absent from the books (I think he had like maybe 2 chapters in Crossroads!), Perrin had become non existent and then spent like 3 books getting Faile back. I mean the list just goes on and on of such dull and unimportant things.

Now I'm not saying everything after Lord of Chaos is complete shit. There were still a lot of good moments and some important things (such as cleansing saidin, rand becoming more insane, Mat meeting tuon, countless other things I can't remember), but it's like a lot of you have said, it drags so much the further we get along in the story.

I had to use chapter summaries with some characters POV, and while I regret it a little because I missed out on some probably important character changes (most notably Egwene. I stopped reading about the salidar aes sadai awhile back and just recently started again in Gathering Storm. I kept up with events and knew everything was happening, but reading her POV made me realize how much she had changed like everybody else), but it was the only way I could make it through books 7 - 11.

Just recently, as in yesterday, I finished The Gathering Storm. It only took me two days. It had been a long time since one of the WoT books has gripped me that hard. I couldn't put it down. It was like the universe had been given new breath and I could finally enjoy reading them again. For the first time since LoC, I felt like the story was alive again. That ending chapter literally shook me to my core.

I'm going to go buy the last two books tonight, and I absolutely cannot wait to find out what happens. I've been missing that feeling for a long time.
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Oh and after 4 god damn years I finally found all of my books.
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A thread about wheel of time, and i didnt know about it!? Blood and ashes!

I started reading them last year, and just read the whole thing back to back, without pause. I did spend a little more time on books 9-11, but i still managed to get trough them, eventho, like it was said, they were pretty bad. I did like the cleansing of Saidin tho, altough it didnt have a huge effect as i thought it should have in the books. Also, I pretty much began to hate Rand before the last book.
I was so lucky that i managed to finis the Towers of midnight the same week that A memory of light came out. And i loved it, it was a pretty good conclusion of the story, altough the battles were a bit much towards the end...
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Rand will always be my favorite character. I love how he changes so much in The Gathering Storm.
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