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Just recently, as in yesterday, I finished The Gathering Storm. It only took me two days. It had been a long time since one of the WoT books has gripped me that hard. I couldn't put it down. It was like the universe had been given new breath and I could finally enjoy reading them again. For the first time since LoC, I felt like the story was alive again. That ending chapter literally shook me to my core.

I'm going to go buy the last two books tonight, and I absolutely cannot wait to find out what happens. I've been missing that feeling for a long time.

The Gathering Storm was the first book where Brandon Sanderson took over, right? If so, then I agree completely. Maybe it's because I've been a huge fan of Sanderson since Mistborn, but he really did an amazing job at reinvigorating a series that had been spinning its wheels for a long time.

I can't say I disliked the previous books, but I think the jump in quality for the last three books is undeniably massive.