i am tryng to get a new amp but the more y look the worse it get.
first of all my budget sucks only 150 almost nothing for this matter.
my options are now only:
Fender - Frontman 25R

looks good but everyone seems to hate it. even do i havent use it all people say it sound horrible with distortion.

marshall mg15cdr
i think is really overpriced 10 watts less and same price, thats sucks. and its not very popular either-

my last and cheapes option its the laney lx35
which its the most powerfull yet cheapest one of all. but haven hear anythin about it so dont know if its good.

im not purchacing it in MF or GC so i dont have many options or try outs thats why i really need your help pleace whiich one?
what kind of music do you play. stay away from that mg.
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i love to play clean but also need a good 80' metallica tone and some led zeppelin too
in fact i like to play everything but mostly clean and heavy metal
15 watt vypyr or microcube, take your pick, they're the cream of the crop in that range.
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wattage really doesn't matter for a practice amp. 5w tube amp can kick any of those solid state's ass in power. nothing in that budget is seriously good enough to gig with by themselves.

out of those three, I would say the Laney, just because it's the only one I haven't used of those three and I hate the other two

vypyr or cube is better. I like spiders better than frontmen and MGs too, but they are not very good compared to the vypyr/cube
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well those vypyr looks awsome but aint available for me here so ...
and cube wise i like the 20x but those rolands are to overpriced in my local store so i wanna save the difference between the other models to the cube for a multieffects pedal comming in 2009
as i said im very confused