okay guys, so my ex-girlfriend recently told me...she might be pregnant. we're buying a test and figuring it out tomorrow. This really sucks, because i just got the girl of my dreams...and she just dropped the bomb on me. i'm scared ****-less... and i just might crap a brick. so does anyone know what the actual chances of her being pregnant are? i mean...i didn't even...you know... in her... ugh...

and no she is not up to the idea of an abortion.

...and yes i am a dumbass...
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Might be. If you didn't come in her it's unlikely.


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Also you're off topic. This thread is about Reva eating snowmen.
She could just be saying it to screw with your new relationship. Just saying. She could be jealous and using this as a way of getting to you.

Just saying.... Dont worry yourself yet.
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