I'm on a shoe string budget of around £300 and I'm looking to buy a guitar

I'm a bassist but I play a bit of guitar when I go to my mates house or when I'm at band practise.

Thing is, I want a flying V (Randy Rhoads shaped) with a Floyd Rose/Floyd Rose Style Tremolo on it

So, I've been looking through and these are my 2 options, btw, my decision has been based on my love for Alexi Laiho's guitar playing...

So here's the 2 I picked:

LTD Alexi Laiho 200 in white or black
Jackson RX10D

Whichever one I get will have the bridge p-up replaced by a Seymour Duncan Invader that I got brought.

So come on then, voice your opinions please!
the Jackson
the ESP, youlle replacing a perfectly good EMG and thats all it has
plus its a jackson, great quality
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