Hey guys. Well i cant get a new bass for Christmas so I was thinking about getting a effect pedal. I cant spend a lot of money. $100 absolute tops. I was thinking or the Electro-Harmonix Bass Big Muff or the Bass Blogger. Im not sure witch one to get. I play mostly classic rock and metal. Witch one do you guys think is better? Or should i be looking at another effect for around the same price. Thanks.

Here are some links.

Big Muff-

Bass Blogger-
I have heard nothing good about the blogger. The muff, on the other hand, is supposed to be quite good. There's a great review on bassfuzz.com.
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the blogger, as stated to me by the fitz, sounds like a MXR blowtorch, so it will sound more gated.

but the big muff would probably fit more places.
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i just received my bass big muff in the mail, and i am absolutely in love with it!
K thanks for the input. And the for the site kugelspot i didnt know about that its pretty cool.