Well i went to my gf's church thing a couple nights ago, and we walk in, sit down, and after a little while the youth leader and a couple kids come up and play a song, i was like hey this guys got a knock of strat, sucks for him haha, however, after later realizing, the song is done, i see hes got a spider 3 15 watt, and i think of UG, and i couldnt help but crack up in the middle of church because of his spider, literally out loud, im a bad person but i couldnt resist sharing it with you guys, he probably thought it was beasty
That was not funny. At all.
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Ok and ur point really........
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Funny thing is with a knock off strat and a spider III he could probably shred you into oblivion.
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Wow. Ripping on another musician for having the courage to play in front of a moderately sized crowd, even though his equipment isn't up to par.

You're cool.
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ok, i'll join in with other UG jokes

lol wut?
i cum blood
inb4 rape and incest

i'm funny too, see?
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y do u have to b such a ****ing prick
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I'm sorry i just had to put that
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Way to be "that guy."
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and your point is
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