Poll: do you think excessive decorations are rediculous
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11 48%
7 30%
5 22%
Voters: 23.
what does the Pit think about EXCESSIVE christmas decorations?

i personally think theyre stupid, i dont mind some lights or a nativity scene or something, but the people who decorate their house until it looks like their house could be seen from space is rediculous.

does your family decorate excessively?

the movie Deck the Halls
and this site
i just saw a house tonight, it was fricken ridiculous. everything was light up. the guy had like 40 figurines on his lawn, all lit up
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i don't really mind either way, for me there is no "too little" or "too much" when it comes to things like xmas decorations; the level of decoration which gives joy to my friends and family is the right amount for me :-)
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well all i know is im pissed i put up my lights they all fell down i put them back up and they wont work now and they fell down
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I don't mind it, as long as I don't live next door.
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I thought you ment when people put out hundreds of those creepy plastic things, but like that its cool

THE CREEPY PLASTIC THINGS TOO!!! they are annoying. and the dumb blow up polar bears wearing santa outfits...the homer ones are okay though