i got a mesa boogie F-50! its was $791 (w/tax) at guitar center in madison. funny story, on friday i went to the guitar center and checked out the used section i saw a black guy with dreads playing guitar on the F-50. he was playing some funky licks but since i wanted to play, i waited a while. eventually he left and so i plugged in. it was great!!! 5 minutes later he comes back and says "you like my baby?"
i say "what was that?"
him "yeah, i'm trying to buy it and that zinky halfstack its on"
me "oh.....i wanted to get it....."
anyways, i decide to leave and went home
so now its sunday. i was susposed to go back to madison to buy shoes. before i leave i decide, on a whim, to call the guitar center and ask if it was still there. remember, he said "trying to buy". so i call, and guess what? still there!! so i ask him to hold it for me, then i booked it over there. put it on layaway.
now its monday, i cashed my paycheck and drove out and brought her home

oh yeah
turns out the guy playing it earlier? it was the guitarist from "natty nation", a local madison band
matches perfectly with my randall 2x12! :thu:


how do you like it?

also, how do you like the EHX Graphic Fuzz? how versitile is it?


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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

F series has tons of bang for the bucks if you need cleans and heavy (Ie hard rock/metal) distortion. I loved my f-30 for the hard rock tones.
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Sweet! I bought a F-30 combo from GC a while back for $712, so I'd say not a bad deal!
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i can't wait to try it on stage saturday
when i played it at guitar center, since the room was much bigger, it sounded ALOT better
but i still love it