Hey guys, I'm debating whether to get a Peavey 5150 combo or head at the moment but I know squat about cabs, I am a Rhythm guitarist in my band that plays to Metal/MeloDeath, what would be a good matching cab to compliment a 5150 or 6505 head for a very raw and heavy tone?
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The combo sucks in my IMO. I just sold mine, but it sounded really good with a bogner cab, orange cabs, and so on. Just go take your head to a shop and plug away
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vader cabs sounded good with it when i heard one. also mesa cabs. orange cabs sound good with every head ive played through, but ive not heard one through a high gain amp.
I just bought a Vader 4x12 and it's supposed to be amazing. I'll let you know when I get it tomorrow.
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I use my 6505 head with a Orange 4x12. I play a lot of Hardcore and Drop C stuff and it really sounds great with the drop tunings. It has a pretty dark sound but you can use the Presence on the head to even out the tone.
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I've heard good things about Orange cabs with them, I've also heard Vader works really well too. And the good things about both of those cabs is they sound really good with other heads in case you want a new amp down the line. I've only heard that Orange cabs don't sound good with Diezel's, but why that is the case I have no idea.
i know a guy who runs his 5150 through a marshall 1960a and it sounds incredible. he has the best metal tone i've ever heard
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I've heard a 5150 II in a Orange cabinet which sounded amazing and a 5150 head into a Mesa cabinet (Oversize) which really wailed.
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5150's go really well with cabs that have v30's.
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5150's go really well with cabs that have v30's.

Agreed. The high amount of Mids in a v30 suits the massive gain of a 5150 well and keeps everything defined and clear. Any Cab with vintage 30's will sound great. But I think the best 5150 tone I've heard is with a Mesa 4x12. Chimaira, Bullet for my Valintine, and In Flames all use that combination.
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My friend and I both have 5150 amps and Marshall cabs. His is a 1960a and mine is a 1960av slant cab with V30's in it. We both prefer mine over his but both sound great. Keep in mind I didn't try mine out against any Mesa/Orange/Vader cabs or anything and this is my first real amp. I don't think you would be dissapointed with any of the suggested cabs.
I think one of the worst head/cab combos is the 6505 and marshall 1960a....that amp head just does NOT like g12-75s imo.

I do tho
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I just bought a Vader 4x12 and it's supposed to be amazing. I'll let you know when I get it tomorrow.

Had one. You'll LOVE it. Vader or V30's loaded Mesa cab.
Egnater cabs... It has v30's in it. It's made from the same stuff the mesa cabs are made from. The guy used to work for mesa.