well... my amp sucks, only 10w, and even though i'm prob gonna get a new one for xmas, i was wondering... is it possible to make a cheap external loudspeaker that I can attach to the front of my amp? also, any specific materials that make it sound better?
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Unless you know exactly how they're made and have the materials or the ability to make them - forget about it. This is one of those projects that's best satisfied by searching the internet, taking out your credit card and making a purchase of something that's already built. Trying to make your own loudspeaker is slightly akin to pushing a rope. It just don't work all that well - but it's amusing to watch.
no you can't, put simply. For one thing, you can't just make a speaker Then you would have to make a cabinet, which is hard enough, and how would just putting it in front of your 10W amp make it do anything?

Save for a new amp.