im thinking about making a guitar. my grandfather has an abundance of white pine which he would let me use. is it a good or at least decent wood in terms of tone? what are its characteristics? what other woods does it sound like? i would probably make a cheap semi hollow telecaster as my first build
Pine is very soft, unless white pine is different then the kind I work with every day...

But if its the first guitar you are building, it should be fine for a practice build.
Pine isn't dense enough for a semi-hollow body (it's also soft)... Although it would smell good.
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Not another pine thread.
Actually pine is a great tonewood. If you go to the telecaster forum you can find a lot of info about them. The first telecasters fender made were made of pine. The reason why it is not such a popular choice is because it is very soft and not durable at all if you dropped the guitar it would get a big dent. If your careful with your guitars I'd say go for it or you could get a fast natural relic going.
It might be a problem for a hollow body though even if it worked the guitar would be neck heavy.
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wood is wood, pine isnt much softer than basswood, and basswood is used a **** load. go for it, just make the neck out of something hard, and you might have trouble bolting the neck on without a nice hard finish on it.