What do you guys think of the guitar of the week series? I picked up a Gibson New Century Explorer (week 36) at best buy in there NEW music room (It was on sale btw, bout 950 with 18 months No payments) It's basically a Explorer with an ebony fretboard, different neck profile and a full body pickguard, that's about all that separates it from the regular explorers, OH and the knobs, how could I forget them ahaha.

Regardless, what do you guys think of the series and the "Deal I got" I also got yelled at for playing too loud (first time in there too), It didn't seem that loud but my dad said he heard it on the other side of the store. ehehe


theres one of the beauties in all her glory.
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Some of them look pretty cool. I had the ebony SG w/ gold hardware and a SG GT, but I ended up selling them for a higher price on eBay.
i like some of them a lot, others, well...ya :P
like the reverse explorer. kinda cool, i played one and it plays nice, but its just not for me. kinda butt ugly imo.
lol @ playing "too loud"
It's a cool guitar but I wouldnt trust best buy as a place to buy instruments.
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"Different strokes for different folks."
I used to have one of those when they first came out with the new 2003 ones a while ago, just Black w/ White Pickguard. You got a good deal. Mine was $1,149. They're great guitars stock, but if you put some work into 'em like all Gibson's, you can make that thing just amazing. My only complaints were the really thick neck, which is normal for an Explorer, and the pickups weren't that hot like the Explorer Pro's.
I love Explorers but that pickguard when you see it in person looks really cheesy. I don't know how much care goes into the Guitars of the week some I have seen were not really that great when you see them up close and they are not always the best playing guitars.

You would have been better off buying one of these Explorer like these:


This is my Fav but very expensive:


I guess all that counts is you like it.

Edit: Best Buy sells guitars now?? WTF When did that happen?

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